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PhD proofreading service UK

Premium PhD proofreading/editing service, we are the UK’s only dedicated online PhD proofreading service. Your PhD is the culmination of years of hard work. After all those hours poring over it you become blind to errors that you have made, instead reading what you think is there. This is where our service can be of great benefit to you.


Our service includes proofreading and editing in all prices quoted.



Did you know? Only 2% of proofreaders pass our test to become a proofreader!

About our PhD proofreading service

Why choose us?

  • We use two highly experienced Native English speakers to check and correct your work – your document is proofread TWICE
  • All our proofreaders hold Master’s and/or PhDs all from leading UK universities
  • We are 100% secure and confidential
  • We offer fast turn around times and an express proofreading service
  • We have extensive experience with all subject areas
  • Our price includes proofreading and editing
  • Our proofreaders are members of organisations such as the Society of Freelance Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP)
  • Guaranteed turn around times

Your document is deleted from our system when it is returned to you. We cover all academic areas, using our network of experienced proofreaders. We guarantee never to give away your personal information, including your name, to any third party.

We provide our services to doctoral candidates around the UK – it does not matter if you are in Edinburgh,  Birmingham, Nottingham or Leeds.

About our two proofreader system

We use two proofreaders to check every PhD that is sent to us. One proofreader is still human and can make mistakes and miss errors, no matter how experienced they are. With two proofreaders the likelihood of missing anything is very small. Find out more about the cost of proofreading a PhD.

Our proofreaders:

  • Hold a minimum of a Master’s and many have PhDs
  • Undergo several rounds of testing – an initial application test, a test edit on a full document and spot editing tests on a regular basis
  • A two month probation period, after which they are become a full member of our team
  • sign a non-disclosure to protect the confidentiality of your work

Recent PhDs we have proofread:

  • A Commentary on Islamic Finance Case law in the United States
  • Can the writing by established art and design practitioners, provide Art and Design  students with models of writing for the Critical Research module, that will encourage a more insightful understanding of their studio practice?
  • Enhancement of transport safety through Cross Modal Switching
  • School teaching in Ireland: 1878-2010
  • Considering citizenship education: A conceptual approach to planning for citizenship education within a higher-level education environment

What we offer:

Our service includes proofreading and editing.


Checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation and word choice.


Reordering of sentences, rewriting unclear sentences

Examples of PhDs we have proofread:

Doctor of Philosophy  (Ph.D/D.Phil)

Doctor of Science

Doctor of Education

Doctor of Arts

Doctor of Business Administration

Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of Social Work

Doctor of Clinical Psychology


Frequently asked questions:

How are the changes made?

We use track changes in Microsoft word.

How long does it take?

As a general rule we can do 5,000 words per day, so a document of 50,000 words will take 10 days.

How do I send the document to you?

You email it to us, or if it is too large, send it via Dropbox or Yousendit.

How do I pay?

Payment is by BACS (bank deposit) or Paypal if you don’t have a bank account.

What document types can you work with?

We work with Word, Latex and PDF documents. Please be aware that Latex and PDF documents take longer to proofread.

Do I have to sit down with you while you proofread?

No, everything is done online.

Do you have a quick service?

Yes, for those requiring an extremely quick service we have an ‘express service’, up to 15,000 words in one day.

We work with students in the UK and worldwide. We have several hundred satisfied customers. Contact us today for a free, no obligation PhD proofreading quote.

We do our utmost to ensure that you are satisfied with our service. Get a quote today.


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