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How Much Does PhD Proofreading Cost?

PhD proofreading cost

Are you wondering about the cost of PhD proofreading? Most online proofreading services charge exorbitant amounts of money to edit and proofread a PhD, ranging from £1,100 to £1,600 for an 80,000 word PhD. However, at Phdproofreadingservice.co.uk we offer an affordable and high quality service. Consider what some of our competitors are charging.

Cost of a proofreading a 80,000 word PhD written by a non-native English speaker:

Proofreadmyessay.co.ukProofreading.orgQualityproofreading.co.ukOur Service

*We are on average 44 % more affordable than other leading UK proofreading services without compromising on the quality and expertise of our service.

Using a freelance proofreader

Another option is to use a freelance proofreader who charges by the hour. However, when you work with a freelance proofreader you may have issues of trustworthiness that you do not have when dealing with an established UK company with a long track record and thousands of past customers. Most freelance proofreaders charge by the hour so it may take several emails to establish a quote, which is time consuming and labour intensive.


Why are our prices so affordable?

  • As an online proofreading company we don’t have to pay expensive central London rents, a cost which is passed on to you, the PhD student.
  • Additionally as a PhD student you have the experience of many years of writing, from the undergraduate through to post graduate level and perhaps tutoring or marking experience. These factors help to improve the quality of your writing over time. We realise this and charge accordingly, rather than charging flat rates regardless.

When you get your PhD proofread and edited, you are essentially paying for an editor’s time. Prices range from the suspiciously cheap to the ridiculously expensive and we aim to offer high-quality proofreading and editing for a reasonable price.We understand that having your PhD checked is a large financial commitment so we aim to offer an affordable price for both native and non-native PhDs.Our prices start are a flat £9.99 per 1,000 words for both native English speakers and non-native speakers.

Why use our PhD proofreading service?

  • 44% cheaper than other services
  • Fast turn arounds
  • Give your PhD the final polish it deserves
  • Remove errors that you and your supervisor will not have spotted

Contact us today for a quote and find out how we can help you.


I used Phdproofreadingservice.co.uk service for my PhD in Psychology. My whole thesis was reviewed and return back to me efficiently within a 10-day turnaround. I had a tight deadline, which the team was able to accommodate. Each chapter was thoroughly read and amended by two proofreaders. I was very pleased with the overall outcome of proofreading service and quality of work produced. I feel like my PhD is now structured and written in a professional manner. Highly recommendable and trust worthy! Neda M., University of Manchester

I was really under time pressure to have my PhD edited...The team at phdproofreadingservice.co.uk replied promptly and we had a very smooth operation. They were quite accommodating of my time constraints, Their work was very professional and was not compromised by time pressure and their charges were quite fair. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for editing services.

Naomi M., University College Dublin